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The HR Kit is designed with one thought in mind. To get better with the time. It is designed with logic whenever users need a function that will make the HR Kit platform better and more functional, that function to be designed and implemented with success making HR Kit a living organization that with time only better can become.

  • Creates trust links
  • Offers Digital Transformation to the core business
  • It is a time-adapted tool and does not require a computer like all HR programs. It’s HR ON THE GO with your mobile
  • Creates employee confidence and commitment
  • Provides transparency on company organization, hierarchy and reporting lines
  • Offers dissemination of information throughout the organization
  • Complies with the Human Resources Department’s contribution to the organization
  • Offers an increase in the internal brand recognition of the company
  • Offers Increased HR Department efficiency and reduced costs (replaces functions that require personnel)
  • Creates a live communication channel between management and the organization
  • Supports the corporate image as a modern company that takes care of its employees and upholds its reputation among employees, customers and the market
  • Reduces stationery costs


  • It is Tailor made, tailored to the needs of each company
  • It’s Upgradable. It has the ability to constantly upgrade and add new features
  • Has Continuous updates and functionalities offered
  • Has a support team next to the client